Virginia Tax Refund Status: Where is my Virginia State Tax Refund and How to Check?

Virginia Tax Refund Status: Where is my Virginia State Tax Refund and How to Check and many other details can be checked here. In Virginia, all the sales, properties (rental or personal), and income and others have to accommodate a certain amount of taxation from their residents. Sometimes, by mistake, the resident has made the extra amount in taxation.

Virginia Tax Refund Status

So, their Government made the tax refunds into their bank accounts. To know more crucial details regarding the Virginia Tax Refund Status, how to check a refund and more, continue browsing this article below.

In the state of Virginia residents or non-residents are required to pay the taxes from their income sources. Those taxes depends on the individual income, Virginia also offers tax deduction and credits to moderate your tax charges. This includes deduction in itemized, dependent care credits, credits for the extra taxes paid to other states and further other benefits.

The person who has mistakenly paid some extra amount will get a refund from the Government. The taxpayers who have applied for a refund might be willing to know the Virginia Tax Refund Status. They have to enter their crucial information to get the essential data.

Eligibility for Virginia Tax Refund

There are certain eligibility criteria for the Virginia Tax Refund. These criteria are made according to the commitment to fairness and the welfare of its residents. If an individual passes those criteria, then they have to file the income tax.

  • The individual has to be at least eighteen years old.
  • You have paid more than the required amount as a tax.
  • You have requested a tax refund, deductions or benefits
  • Even though you paid in advance, you have paid less than what you actually have to pay.

Where is my Virginia State Tax Refund?

You have questions about your Virginia State Tax Refund, where you will get its refund amount and other questions. So there is no need to worry regarding the refunds. You can contact them on 1804 367 2486 regarding your queries.

Virginia Tax Refund Status

The eligible Individuals are required to file their taxes before 1 July, and the refund amount will be issued before the end of November. The eligible resident has to pay a certain amount of their income as a tax, and we have made a list according to the taxation rates on income.

Income on which tax is paid


$0 to $3000

2% of the income

$3,000to $5,000

$60 with 3% of the income

$5,000 to $17,000

$120 with 5% of the income

$17,000 and over

$720 with 5.75% of the income above $17000.

Individuals whose income is more than 17000 USD have to pay 5.75 per cent as an income tax to the Government with that, they are required to pay an extra $720 as a tax.

If you have filed an electronic return, then it will take up to 10 to 12 days. If you have filed a paper return, then it will take around 7-8 weeks, and if you have sent it through certified Mail, then it will take around three weeks.

How to Check Virginia State Tax Refund Status?

The taxpayers would be willing to know the specific information for the Tax Refund Status. They can check it from the procedure that is shared below:

  • Browser the leading portal of Virginia Tax Refund on your browser.
  • Then, you will be redirected to the homepage of the main portal.
  • Where at the top, you will find some further options.
  • Now, click on  IRS >>  Refunds
  • Click on “Check the refund status now”.
  • You will required to fill in your tax information, such as Tax Year, Social Security Number, and refund amount.
  • At the end, you will find the ‘check refund button’; click that and you will get your Virginia State Tax Refund Status.

By following these steps you can check your refund status by filling out the required details. Individuals have to fill in the correct details and amount to check the status.

If a taxpayer finds any difficulties for checking its Virginia Tax Refund Status, they can contact the official of IRS on their helpline number. You will get their helpline number on their main portal and you can connect with them any time.


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