Residential property taxes

In Texas, fines for delinquent property taxes can be very expensive. When taxes become overdue, property owners end up paying up to 48% of the initial tax amount in interest, penalties, and lawyer collection fees – in addition to the amount originally owned. The additional costs can be very difficult to pay off, and the accumulating costs can lead to a county lawsuit. This could lead to home foreclosure.

To help Texans prevent these additional costs, we provide residential property tax loans. You can pay your Texas property tax loans, on time, preventing costly penalties, interests, and other expenses. We pay our outstanding property taxes in full, you repay us over time. We offer loans on many property types, including homes, vacation homes, vacant lots, and inheritance properties.

Texas Property Tax Loans make getting a property tax loan as simple as possible, and many happy clients say our application process was much easier (and faster) than expected. We begin by collecting necessary information in a brief phone conversation, then sending the documentation to you for signature through a local notary service. Finally, we pay the taxes on your behalf. You no longer need to worry about incurring fees, lawsuits, or foreclosure on your property.

6 Steps to a Residential Property Tax Loan

A state licensed loan officer will contact you by phone to explain how the loan works. They also answer any questions you have.

The loan officer collects information needed to complete the loan, then confirms the loan amount with your county.

We create a repayment schedule that works with your finances and a program disclosure that explains the terms in detail.

We send the loan documents to you for signature via mobile notary.

3 days after you close your loan, we fund the property taxes that were due.

Your loan enters repayment, as detailed in the agreed upon schedule.

How long does the whole process take?

Usually 1 week.

The application process is fairly simple and does not require much paperwork. It usually only takes a week to complete the process – from you calling us, to us paying off your taxes. Sometimes less, in emergency situations.

What does it cost?

There are no upfront costs.

Contacting us, applying for the loan, and receiving the loan will cost you nothing out-of- pocket. Our fees are included in your repayment schedule, and are regulated by the State of Texas.

What are the interest rates?

Interest rates on property tax loans vary.

Your exact rates depend on the property, the location, your county and you. These are details we gather in the initial conversation with a loan officer. Please note – our interest rates are regulated by the State of Texas, so even with our highest interest rate, the amount you’ll pay is approximately 1/3 the amount you’d pay in penalties for paying your taxes late.

Do you accept bad credit?

In most cases, yes.

Bad credit is typically not an issue and most Texas applicants are approved. We can approve applicants with bad credit because you own the asset you are trying to protect.


If you have questions about residential property taxes, give us a call. The call is a totally free, as mentioned, and we’re happy to provide you with all the details you need to decide if a property loan is the best option for you, or if another financing option would be more appropriate.

100% Free estimate

Please provide us with some basic information so one of our loan officers can contact you by phone. Or If you’d prefer to fill out the entire application online, we will provide you a unique estimate when we contact you by phone.