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Real Estate Investment Loans Austin Tx

Real estate investment loans in Austin TX place you in control of your destiny with an asset that continues to gain value every decade. Great American Funding gives many who may not otherwise qualify an opportunity to partake in the American Dream.

Is investing in property a good idea during a recession?

Property values beat inflation throughout the course of a decade, a feat that the stock market cannot always claim. Even after the housing bubble burst in 2008 and a brief decline in prices, property returned with fervor.

Real estate prices rose between three and five percent per year over the previous years. This is a full percent over inflation.

Can I afford property in Austin TX?

Commercial property prices n Austin TX stand at roughly $2 per square foot. With an average building size of 52400 square feet, that is $104800 per office.

More expensive specialized properties in high volume areas cost more. A 3736 square foot office building may cost $2.9 million with some spaces going for more than $10.4 million.

How can I afford commercial property in Austin?

Investment property loans in Austin Texas seek to get you the space you want at a rate you can afford. Hard money loans through Great American Funds come with up to 30-year fixed rates as low as 3.5 percent.

You can obtain as much as $20,000,000 to fund your business venture or portfolio. If your plan is solid and your credit score supports your aspirations, we can work with you. We will try to help no matter your credit score.

Should I use a hard money lender?

Hard money lenders in Austin TX are often the only way to fund a property. The price of land alone over the past decade far outstripped the ability of most companies to pay.

Still, you may need warehouse space or are looking to increase rental inventory. We will work with you to get you into your dream property.

Finding a lender that works with you

In these trying times, it is important to have a lender who is on your side. Defaulted loans are an issue but trying to merely repossess a property is not always worth our time and effort.

Great American Funding is a private lender in Austin that works with our clients to a larger extent than other such firms to keep everyone above water. We finance an investment property and not something we want to own no matter for how long.

Purchasing a property in Austin TX

Real estate investment loans in Austin TX get you in the property you want even if you cannot afford the initial cost. Great American Funding finances commercial real estate purchases with hard money with up to $20 million in aid.

Our lenders work with you to ensure that you and know that the coming years will be more difficult than in the past decade. We also understand the opportunity provided in the current economic climate.

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Real Estate Investment Loans Austin Tx

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Real Estate Investment Loans Austin Tx

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