There are a lot more techniques you will learn from the the Joe Crump Blog about flipping houses, personal finance and real estate investments.
How to never close a deal unless you get cash at closing. Flipping houses not just with zero down, but CASH AT CLOSING!
Investing tips that will show you how this $1.76 sign can add 37 new motivated buyers to your database per week… and you never even have to talk to them if you use a simple web site like the one I’ll show you.
The ONLY software program with both investing basics advanced techniques you will need to send out sequential email to your buyers. This is one of the most powerful sales and follow up techniques known to mankind and we have adapted it beautifully to real estate. I’ll even give you the pre-written emails. Just plug them in and send.
The 3 best places to advertise homes “for sale” on the Internet… online investing for pennies.
Secrets to using E-bay to sell houses. It’s not what you think.
Absolutely FREE auction sites that get massive traffic that you can use to sell your houses and build your retirement investing portfolio. It works, but use my secret technique and your results will multiply by 350%.
A completely UNTAPPED source of extremely motivated sellers that you can find online and contact for free… and I’m NOT talking about sending spam.
How to use online voice broadcast technology with your real estate investing company to get a ton of motivated sellers to call you and saying “yes” to your offer BEFORE you even talk to them. It’s all in knowing how to set it up and it’s sooooo cheap and easy to implement.

How to get Realtors to do all the work selling your properties and not charge you a dime. The ultimate outsourcing… if you try to do all of these things yourself you will quickly go insane. I’m going to show you how to get others to do the work for you.
How to get mortgage brokers to give you cash money for every buyer on your list. I’ve got students with thousands of buyers on their list. No one teaches this stuff because we invented it.
You know how most investors buy a property, fix it up and hope to sell it for more money? Makes sense right? Wrong! I’m going to show you how to get AFTER repair value on ANY fixer upperWITHOUT doing the work or paying anyone to do the work for you. I would never have believed this worked until I did it by accident… now I do it every time I have a fixer. I hate swinging a hammer.
The three very best months to sell your houses in ANY United States market.

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