Texas Property Tax Loans believes in streamlining the process for our clients to get immediate funding to pay their property taxes. We work with both home and business owners to meet the needs of every caller. Apply now for a Fast Track Loan over our website or reach out to one of our loan officers by phone for additional information.

Why We Exist

Our staff at Texas Property Tax Loans understands how difficult it can be to obtain quick approval for a loan to pay property taxes. For many of our clients, time is of the essence in avoiding costly overdue fees, which is why we strive to assist with quick approvals and fast funding.

Texas fines for late property tax payments can be hefty. Obtaining a loan from our agency can save you a significant amount of money versus paying those high costs.

For Homeowners

It’s never been easier to apply for and obtain a loan to pay your property taxes on time. Just contact our agency and a state licensed loan officer from TPTL will contact you to discuss the details of our loan process. If you have particular questions, this is a good time for you to bring them up and allow our agent to address them.

We’ll create a custom repayment schedule that will fit your budget and discuss the terms in detail with you before you give your final approval. Once you sign via mobile notary, you’ll have the funds necessary to pay off your loan within three days.

From Start to Finish in Less Than One Week

There is minimal paperwork involved in our loan application process. For most of our clients, it takes only about a week to complete the entire process. For emergency situations, we can often provide funding within just a few days.

Best of all, there are no out-of-pocket costs, so you have nothing to pay upfront. Our clients tell us this is a huge benefit since most clients interested in property tax loans are in a currently tight financial spot.

Why Paying Interest is the Better Option

The rate we approve your loan for will vary, depending on the property, its location, your county, and your financial history. Interest rates are regulated by the state of TX to ensure borrowers are not taken advantage of by loan agencies. You can expect to pay approximately one-third the cost in interest that you would pay in penalties if your property taxes had been sent to a collection agency.

Apply For a No-Obligation Estimate

It costs nothing to find out what we can do for you. An agent from Texas Property Tax Loans will be happy to answer all of your questions, reply to your loan application, and present you with the details of your property tax loan.

Your credit is not a determining factor with whether we can help you get the funding you need since you own the actual asset in question. We help clients in all credit score ranges get fast funding to pay their property taxes- and we can help you as well when you reach out to us.

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