If your property tax payment date is approaching, you may find it beneficial to apply for a loan from our agency to avoid the costs of late fees, delinquent account charges, and collections costs. You may have thought it would be more expensive in the long run to take out a loan versus paying your property taxes after they’ve been put into arrears, but the fact is, you’ll save a significant amount of money when you apply for a loan from Texas Property Tax Loans.

Compare the Costs

Even figuring the interest rate into your repayment plan, you’ll pay only about one-third of the costs that you would pay if you delay paying your property taxes. Here’s why:

  • The state of Texas regulates loan interest to protect consumers- so you won’t be overcharged
  • When you borrow from us, we do not penalize for early repayment of the loan
  • Late charges and delinquent fees on property taxes are significant- typically about twice the cost of your property tax loan’s interest rate
  • Working with a Texas Property Tax lender from our agency, you’ll be matched with a loan that fits your budget

One Less Thing to Worry About

Our clients tell us that our services eliminate the stress of thinking about delinquent property taxes month after month. In the state of Texas, late fees accumulate with each passing month once the due date has passed. You can apply for a property tax loan from our firm that will completely pay off your taxes, then start repaying the loan with an affordable plan designed to be easy for you to pay back.

We’re Not Just Another Property Tax Lender

We’re different from the crowd in many notable ways:

  • There are no upfront costs or fees when you’re approved for a loan through our agency. The interest and charges will be added directly to your repayment schedule, so you’ll pay nothing out-of-pocket when your loan closes.
  • We fast-track loans and offer emergency loans for clients who do not have the luxury of waiting for a loan to go through. Our fast-approval process means your property taxes will be paid off quickly.
  • We’re able to roll property taxes into an existing loan. If you already have a loan with us that you’re paying off, we have an option that will save you money when you roll future property taxes into the same loan.
  • Your credit score is not a determining factor when applying for a loan through our firm. If you have a poor credit history or no credit at all, we won’t use your credit against you when considering your application. You may pay a higher rate of interest than another client with a higher score; however, we’ll look more closely at your ability to repay the loan than your past.

It’s easy to get connected with us. Apply for a Fast Track Loan on our website or reach out to our property tax lender by phone if you have any questions. We’ll streamline the process of applying or requesting an estimate as painless as possible.

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