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If you need help getting a home loan in Tacoma, agents from Tacoma Mortgage Brokers can assist you in getting approved for your loan. A bank’s rejection is not the end of your story; if you dream of owning your own home, make a call to our office now at 253-449-8330 to explore alternative mortgage options with our team. We may be able to secure a better rate than your bank by putting you in touch with mortgage lenders who compete for your business. Find out more when you reach out to TMB for a home loan.

Q: What are the advantages to working with mortgage brokers in Tacoma, WA?

A: The main advantage to choosing our agency over a bank or credit union is having access to more lenders, which translates to more options for a home buyer. Your bank or CU can only offer you one interest rate while we can help you compare rates from multiple lenders to find more flexible repayment terms and lower rates.

Q: How can your Tacoma mortgage lenders make it easier for me to get approved for a loan?

A: Again, working with more than one lender opens doors that are typically closed when you borrow from a bank or conventional lending institution. Our lenders compete for your business, so they’re more likely to work with you toward a favorable outcome.

Q: Can your mortgage lenders in Tacoma, Washington help me in completing my loan application over the Web?

A: Absolutely! Get in touch with one of our agents by phone or through our Web form and let us know what we can do to assist you with your application. If you’re house shopping, it can be helpful knowing how much you’re approved for before you get serious about buying a home.

Q: Are there other benefits of choosing mortgage lenders in Tacoma instead of a bank?

A: Yes! Since mortgages are what we specialize in, you’ll find that our agents are extremely knowledgeable and able to take all the time necessary in advising you and helping you connect with the best lender for the funding you need. You’ll find we are able to offer an exceptional customer experience when you choose us as your mortgage company.

Q: What is the first step to getting a home loan in Tacoma?

A: Visit our homepage at Tacoma Mortgage Brokers and click the red banner marked Get Started Here. A box will open up that will offer several options:

  • Apply for a home loan
  • Get a home loan quote
  • Give us a call
  • Schedule a meeting

We put your home loan application in front of several reputable lenders to find you the lowest interest rate and most flexible payment terms on the market- it’s that simple. Some of the products our customers can choose from include:

  1. Low cost, low rate programs
  2. 7-day close times
  3. 3% – 5% down payment options

With help from our agency, you could be closing on your new home this time next week! Check out all of our loan products now online.

Home Loan Tacoma

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Home Loan Tacoma

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