Financing Services for business New York

At One Click Close, we specialize in solutions to improve the cash flow of high ticket businesses in the United States. We do this through a solution that combines our business development, marketing, and technology expertise.

Our solution is superior to other financial programs for small businesses because we have designed the first smart business funding dashboard that helps small businesses increase their sales volume without incurring higher customer acquisition costs. All without adding complexity to the business, but on the contrary: simplifying everything in a single platform.

Our work over the years has been oriented to solve a very specific and very common problem among small businesses: the loss of sales due to lack of customer financing plans or a frictionless checkout experience.

The One Click Close team is experienced in business development, and together we have managed billions of dollars to grow different types of businesses. We have a deep understanding of the challenges small businesses face when increasing their close rate.

That’s why our platform is so effective at solving those problems.

Many businesses are still unclear about all involved in engaging a service like ours to increase sales. And in this article, we will talk specifically about the pros and cons of having a funding program for small businesses.

Let’s see:


Increase your sales without incurring extra efforts

Our platform works with your current lead generation rate, so you don’t need to incur extra marketing efforts to start getting results. What our platform does is to drastically increase your closing rate, so the result will be a higher volume of sales with a probably lower cost of customer acquisition than you have had so far. This is very important for all types of businesses, especially for new startups looking for investors.

Easy to use tools

We designed our business financing software and tools with a strong focus on simplicity. The idea is that our service can be used without requiring high technical knowledge.

It can be integrated into any workflow

Implementing our solution is not a disruptive process to your current sales team’s workflow. This way, we make it possible for any high ticket business to use our platform without any problems.

Quick implementation

Also, our system can be implemented very quickly. Just complete onboarding, and you are ready to increase your business sales using our dashboard.


Learning curve

Like anything new, getting the most out of our service has a learning curve that not everyone will overcome in the same way. But that hasn’t stopped our customers.

Not for all types of businesses

Our service is designed for businesses that currently have a regular sales volume and need to increase it, so businesses that are not at this level will most likely not be able to take advantage of our tool.

Our service is only for the United States

We currently only work with businesses within the United States.

As you can see, the pros of having our services outweigh the cons. 

If you want to know more about our solutions, fill out our 90-second application if you are a coach, entrepreneur, expert, influencer, or course creator in the US: 

Financing Services for business New York


Financing Services for business New York

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