Frequently asked questions

1. Are Property Tax loans available for all types of property?

Texas Property Tax Loans are available for any type of real estate for which property taxes are levied. This includes residential, commercial, and investment properties; and land, developed or undeveloped. The property must be reasonably well maintained.

Texas Property Tax Loans cannot make loans for personal property like cars, furniture, TVs, etc.

2. I have several properties. Can you make me one loan for all the Property taxes I owe?

Yes! Apply or call now to see how we can help.

3. May I get a loan for current and delinquent taxes from past years?

Yes! A loan from Texas Property Tax Loans will pay off both current and delinquent taxes, penalties, interest charges, and any fees charged by a tax authority in connection with a lawsuit filed to collect past due taxes.

4. Must I have delinquent taxes to apply for a loan from Texas Property Tax Loans?

NO! You can apply for a property tax loan at any time. However, Texas law requires that your first property tax loan be for delinquent property taxes (after January 31st). The exceptions are that if, at any time prior, there had been a property tax loan for your property tax or you do not have a mortgage, then Texas Property Tax Loans can pay your taxes before they become delinquent.

5. What does my Property Tax Loan payment include?

The monthly Property Tax Loan payments include two separate parts:

  • Principal: Repayment on the amount borrowed
  • Interest: Payment to the lender for the amount borrowed

You may prepay your Texas Property Tax Loan at any time without any prepayment penalty.

6. If I have an existing loan with a property tax lender, may I be approved for another loan for this year’s taxes?

Yes! There are a few exceptions. Apply or call now to see how we can help.

7. Are loans available for other taxes (like federal income taxes) or other purposes?

Texas Property Tax Loans does not offer loans for the payment of other taxes (federal income taxes) or for other purposes. Texas Property Tax Loans is only licensed to make loans to pay real property taxes in Texas.

8. May I be approved for a loan even though I’ve had credit problems? What about bankruptcy?

Texas Property Tax Loans are approved for applicants with a broad range of credit histories.

While prior bankruptcies are not a problem, a pending bankruptcy may prevent approval.

9. What do you mean by “Quick Easy Approval, Fast Funding”?

If you are the property owner and can show sufficient income to repay the loan, Texas Property Tax Loans can complete and fund your loan in three business days. (By Texas statute, the borrower has a three day right of rescission after signing a property tax loan agreement.)

10. What materials are required for the application?

When applying for a loan on your home, please have your social security and driver’s license numbers available, as well as mortgage, insurance company, and bank information. We will confirm title prior to approving your loan.

We DO NOT pull credit reports. We are required by the IRS to have a valid social security number on file, this is because the interest you pay on the loan may be tax deductible and as such, we are required to send you a form 1098 (mortgage interest statement) after the end of each year. The other documents are required by federal and state statues.

Commercial applicants should have the above information available, and may be asked to provide Articles of Incorporation and Partnership Agreements, as requested. An environmental report may also be required.