Your property tax due date is fast-approaching, but you may not know you have an option available that will save you money on the costs of paying late fees and fines. Texas Property Tax Loans is committed to helping our clients get the funding needed to pay property taxes before they become past-due. When it comes to delinquent property tax loans, nobody does it entirely as we do.

What Makes Us Different

We’re not like the typical loan agency that is looking out for their interests while ignoring their clients’ needs. We offer many client protection benefits built-in to our loans:

  • No Early Payment Penalties- Our zero penalty policy for pre-repayment is where we differ from our competition. Most loan agencies want to prolong the repayment process as long as possible to ensure they collect interest for the full term of the loan. We believe in empowering our clients to do what’s best for their finances. For many of our clients, that means paying off the loan early- and we encourage you to do so if it fits your budget.
  • Loan Approvals For All Credit Ranges- We choose to look at a client’s ability to repay the loan as the determining factor rather than looking at their past financial history when approving a loan. While you may pay a higher interest rate if you have poor credit, we’ll do our best to find a rate and terms that work for you.
  • Nothing Out-of-Pocket- We roll fees and interest into the loan rather than ask our clients to pay money upfront. We’ve found that property owners who look to us for delinquent property tax loans are not often in a position to make an upfront payment, which is why we add these fees to the payment plan.

What Does the Timeline Look Like?

For most clients, the entire process takes less than one week- and for clients who request emergency funding, we can often speed up the process to a few days’ time for complete payment of delinquent property taxes. Our application is simple to fill out- you can apply online or call one of our loan officers who can walk you through the process.

We Work With Both Homeowners and Business Owners

Texas residents and commercial property owners come to us for property tax loans. Call us for help if you own one of the following types of business:

  • Retail store
  • Hotel
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Warehouse
  • Housing development
  • Apartment building
  • Or any other kind of commercial property

Use the free resources on our website if you have questions about delinquent property tax loans. You can access our FAQ section, government sites, inks, payment calculator, or other resources any time you visit our website.

Reach out to us to see why we are a leading lender to Texas residents and business owners who need immediate funding to pay their property taxes. Our knowledgeable, supportive agents are happy to answer your questions or assist you with the loan application process.

Delinquent Property Tax Loans

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